Galveston - Sports Complex Forum

Facilitation of a Sports Complex Meeting

Professional sports franchises have long been effective in attracting tourists but more recently youth sports activities also have become significant driver of tourism to destinations throughout the U.S.
Parter International was retained by the Galveston CVB to plan and facilitate a meeting to educate local stakeholders about youth, collegiate, and adult sports tourism and begin a discussion about prospects and appropriateness of developing such an initiative for Galveston.

The forum’s purpose was to determine the issues and potential impact related to the development of sports facilities in Galveston. In preparation for the meeting we visited and conducted research regarding existing sports and family-oriented facilities in Galveston, and interviewed major stakeholders to understand the needs and concerns of the community. We also studied successful youth sports facilities in the U.S. that served as a comparable or model for Galveston.
Our responsibilities included prioritizing the issues to be discussed such as potential sites; types of facilities; costs; funding and potential income; and community concerns regarding development of a new or renovation of old facilities. We assisted in the preparation of the agenda, identified and invited quality speakers, and Alan Parter served as moderator for the event. As a result of the meeting Galveston has decided to conduct a study on the next steps to be taken.