Hellenic Export Promotion Organization

The overall objective of the work was to create a presence for Greece as an exporter to the U.S. In certain industries, Greek-U.S. trade relations had negative history; in others, Greece had to start from scratch in its relationship with the U.S. Moreover, there was a negative perception of the quality of Greek goods.
Seven industries with the greatest potential for export to the U.S. were identified. On-site analyses were conducted to evaluate: manufacturers’ production capabilities; potential within U.S. market; and readiness to export, including distribution and packaging procedures. In addition, market updates on industry sector bases were provided, marketing materials were created, including a press kit with backgrounders, fact sheets, and press releases, and a detailed, step-by-step, marketing strategy was developed for each industry. The program was launched in the US by holding a press conference and department store promotion at Bloomingdales.
The work resulted in the establishment of a consortium for the design, marketing, sales and promotion of high quality women’s and men’s footwear from Greece as the initial priority sector.