Houston Tourism Summit

Houston First Corporation (HFC) has embarked on a strategic path toward making the Greater Houston area a more competitive, vibrant, and attractive destination for leisure tourists. 
Parer International was involved in planning of a Tourism Summit, which took place on September 10, 2015. The Summit was designed to involve, inform, educate, and excite those organizations and individuals with the potential to support HFC’s efforts and become partners in this endeavor.
More than 500 tourism professionals, community organizations, elected officials, and educators attended to discuss the importance of leisure tourism and to become more engaged in leisure tourism related initiatives.
Experts from around the US spoke in nine different panels, and the award-winning travel journalist, Peter Greenberg, delivered a stimulating, provocative, and informative keynote address.
  • To gain widespread attention for leisure tourism in the region
  • To create partnerships among stakeholders in the tourism industry
  • To showcase the region’s marketing, advertising, and tourism development efforts
  • To present and discuss new ideas
  • To obtain feedback from tourism stakeholders that will enable HFC to prioritize activities and move forward in the most beneficial manner
  • To encourage financial support for tourism endeavors