Strategic Tourism Plan
Analyzed the attractions, tourism infrastructure, visitor domains, marketing efforts, and tourism organizations in the city of Philadelphia, as well as Philadelphia’s potential in the marketplace and the efforts of its competitors.  We wrote a comprehensive report and action plan to develop Philadelphia into an exciting urban destination for leisure tourists, taking into account the fact that there had been no activity in the city related to leisure tourism for the previous ten years.
We were retained to implement the plan’s two recommendations: the creation of a $12 million Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC), currently called Visit Philly, and the initial phase of the development of a new Visitor Center on Independence Mall.  In order to fund the GPTMC, $6 million was contributed by the PEW Charitable Trusts, and Parter International negotiated with local and state governments to obtain a $3 million commitment from both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the City of Philadelphia.  The strategic tourism plan’s two recommendations have been completely and successfully implemented, residents have developed pride in Philadelphia’s tourism program and the city’s improved image, and Philadelphia’s leisure tourism has increased dramatically.
Economic Impact Study
Retained again in 2002 to conduct an assessment of GPTMC’s marketing and an analysis of its economic impact/ROI.  We studied tourism to the Greater Philadelphia area in order to determine the importance (financial and other) of the tourism industry to the city and region, and evaluated the success of particular programs.
Philadelphia, Gaming
Researched and prepared a study setting forth findings and action-oriented recommendations relating to casino/destination marketing organization relations. We interviewed key public and private leaders in the Philadelphia region, gaming executives, and tourism professionals. Our report suggested strategies through which a coordinated marketing effort can target more overnight visitors and extended stay visitors, as well as drive-in visitors from new markets.
Funding Justification Report
Prepared a 2003 report justifying a GPTMC five-year, $45 million funding proposal to the Delaware River Port Authority.  The report included an evaluation of the successes, challenges, and weaknesses of the GPTMC, an analysis of the programs for which the funding will be used, an economic impact study of the value of tourism marketing, and a discussion of the target market for Philadelphia tourism.
Meeting Facilitation
Facilitated an all-day strategic planning retreat with the GPTMC Board of Directors. Included in this group of twelve individuals were Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania and Mayor Street of Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW, Special Event Assessment and Communications Analysis
Retained by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to assess the Philadelphia Flower Show, and suggest changes and new programs for this week-long event that attracts over 300,000 visitors.  We were asked to implement our recommendations for both the show and the PHS.  Our study included recommendations for a marketing affinity program, a sponsorship plan, new product offerings, a merchandising program, and financial benchmarks and modeling.  During the second phase of our assignment, in addition to implementing the recommendations mentioned above, we developed an external and internal communications plan for PHS.  This plan identified audiences relevant to each PHS department, clarified messages, established objectives, and suggested communication options.