UK Department of Trade & Industry

This project had two parts:  developing a program for joint ventures and strategic alliances and participating in the writing of the book entitled Trading with the US: A Practical Guide to Doing Business in the United States (Sterling Publications Limited, UK). 
For the first part of the project, Parter International, Inc. developed the strategic alliance programs for the UKDTI to help British and American firms establish partnerships useful both in investment and trade.  The program helped to match British small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) with American firms, which could use each other’s technical know-how, product expertise, marketing savvy, or financial support.  The UKDTI adopted many of our proposals
and developed a three-year effort to assist their small and medium sized enterprises.  A couple of million pounds sterling, together with substantial manpower, were devoted to this effort by the UKDTI.

For the second part of the project, Alan Parter  authored sections on market entry strategies, conducting market research, getting the product ready for the market and getting the market ready for the product in the aforementioned book.  He explained how companies should gather information, segment the market, utilize primary data, consult secondary data, access government data, and hire consultants.