United States Historical Society


Parter International, in cooperation with Dentsu Communications, Inc., represented Japan in its efforts to attract foreign direct investment. We conducted primary research, defined selling messages, and created outreach programs for both the United States and Europe.

The United States Historical Society (USHS) commissioned a statue of Abraham Lincoln to be donated to the Tredegar Iron Works, a historical park privately-owned but administered by the National Park Service. The five-month publicity program included working with the NPS to distribute press releases and to plan an unveiling ceremony that was attended by 1,000 people, and at which a Mayoral Proclamation was read. The results of the various publicity efforts were exceptional: the Associated Press Richmond story ran in 141 newspapers; newspaper circulation alone totaled nearly 94 million; local papers ran more than 76 stories and/or editorials; local and national television coverage was plentiful and on all networks and their web sites; a NAPS release reached 3.5 million people in 42 states; nearly 3,000 calls, emails and letters came in to USHS offices.